Adult circumcision in rhode island

adult circumcision in rhode island

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Makes me feel like moving from this backwoods, backwards state. Enter a word (or two) above and you'll get back a bunch of portmanteaux created by jamming. So much for the foreskin the penis's only moving part. Sure, it's not right, but ironically people not only do not go to jail for the former, they actually GET PAID to abuse and harm poor, defenseless infant boys! As an adult male who was.

All that said, I agree that circumcision is unnecessary and should be left to the boy to decide for himself when he's old enough to know what that is. I believe that may be driving part of this eperceived change.

adult circumcision in rhode island

Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two. Get the latest breaking news across the U.S. You can have it both ways! I most definitely would NOT have chosen to circumcise myself. It truly is terrible that most people tell me that they wanted their boys to match the father, or they truly believed it cut back on infection.

adult circumcision in rhode island

Typically at the pediatrician's office. When the legislators realize just how much money they will save Most people in this state are either stupid, uneducated or both.

You can explain the benefits of keeping boys intact till you are blue in the face, but as soon as parents realize their insurance or Medicaid won't pay for the privilege, they opt for an intact boy.

To believe that this doesn't make a baby boy associate pain with his mother and women in general is just ignorant. The rate is also lower in states that pay less vs those that pay more http: Here in the UK, the only parents still imposing genital cutting on boys are immigrants from the East and from Africa.

adult circumcision in rhode island

The money wheel is greased, and corporations are growing fat off reselling the tissue which is a genetic human rights violation IMO. on Welcome to the fastest-growing free webcam recordings community! They are the ones recommending, performing and profiting from the procedure. I'm glad to see that routine infant circumcision is on the decline in the US.

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IF a male chooses a circumcision for himself as a consenting adult They say you don't remember the pain, but psychiatrists are finding that it becomes projected at the mother. Newer Post Older Post Home. Advocates of circumcision state that it prevents a variety of STIs.

adult circumcision in rhode island

It is a big savings for the taxpayers, as fully one half of all births in Arizona are funded through Medicaid. The American Academy of Pediatrics policy is a morally bankrupt one, where they lead with "the benefits outweigh the risks" and that parents should have access to it and insurance should pay for it, but later in the fine print explain that the "benefits" are "not statistically significant" and do not recommend the procedure.

Surgery hasn't been casually used for prevention of illness since antibiotics made tonsillectomy unnecessary.

adult circumcision in rhode island

I'm glad to see that routine infant circumcision is on the decline in the US. It's true that insurance companies and states shouldn't even cover it, but that's no excuse for doctors and their professional organizations to escape blame.

I guess in USA circumcision will out live me. The ethical imperative lies with the doctor to choose doing the right thing for his patient vs. Suddenly my whole body experienced great pleasure, but I as a kid, thought it was a warning.

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Thank you for your perspective. The problem is that people are still being told by the medical community that it's beneficial.

adult circumcision in rhode island

It just makes them more individual. Most love their parents, don't hate them, but just wish like i do, that they had been given a choice in such a huge decision. It's only covered if it's a defenseless child being strapped to a circumstraint board The practice would end overnight.Interesting break down. Most STIs can be treated with antibiotics too, and HPV can be prevented in most cases with as little as one treatment with Gardisil, which is less costly and less radical.

adult circumcision in rhode island

It makes you wonder who keeps promoting this? For Jews, the original Jewish circ took only a little skin off the tip and the boy remained functionally intact.

Thanks for collecting this data. Well here in Michigan now progress is being made Medicaid no longer covers it and many major medical plans are no longer either. Better yet, they could and should refuse to perform the procedure. If anybody's dumb enough to claim it's biblical aside from Jews since they don't follow the New Testament , they should be pointed to the book of Galatians where Paul is telling people that physical circumcision should not be forced upon people.

An infection that is primarily preventable through lifestyle choices is not worth the risks of the crazy chemicals in that vaccine. Some things never change and now I am There is a video on this site showing a gomco circumcision from "for health care professionals. Rates were once high in Arizona, too, but after the State Legislature stopped funding cosmetic cutting, parents started leaving their children intact.

adult circumcision in rhode island

I hate Wisconsin's rate being so high.


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